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Giving is Contagious with the AIS Sew The Masks Initiative

(Boston, MA) – July 2, 2020 – Giving is contagious when it comes to the Sew The Masks Program.  AIS started the program in May of this year as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The CDC has emphasized the importance of face masks to slow transmission and infection of the virus.

The program asked for volunteer sewers across the United States to use material kits donated by AIS and other corporate sponsors and use their talents to create high-quality, reusable cloth masks designed and developed on the AIS manufacturing floor in Leominster, MA. Over 500 sewing enthusiasts from 40 states have answered the call and approximately 10,000 masks have been created and donated to date.

“The response to “Sew the Masks” has been overwhelming and a real testament to the commitment people have to helping their communities be safe and be part of the solution,” said Bruce Platzman, CEO of AIS.  “Our patriotic ‘Rosies’ come from all walks of life and from all over the United States, and they are dedicated to helping fellow Americans. They are enabling a much larger effort to create high-quality, comfortable and reusable masks than would otherwise be possible.  We are grateful for them and the growing number of corporate sponsors who are joining this effort to support the communities in which they live and work.”

The Sew the Mask program consists of four steps:

Volunteer sewing enthusiasts – “Rosies” - request a kit of materials for the creation of 50 masks at www.sewthemasks.com.

These kits ship directly from AIS with easy-to-follow instructions, precut materials and return packaging.

Completed masks are returned in the provided packaging to AIS within 25-30 days.

AIS performs a quality check on every completed mask, and then ships boxes of masks to corporate sponsors and partners for distribution and donation within their own communities.

“I have been sewing and quilting all my life. Now, being a part of the team at the “Sew the Masks” project at AIS, I truly enjoy helping out in a significant way,” said Kathie Peloquin, a local volunteer ‘Rosie’ from Leominster, Mass.  that has helped make hundreds of masks to date as part of the program.

AIS allocated a production line of its employees in early April on the manufacturing floor to make high-quality reusable masks using antimicrobial fabric for the covers and a non-treated, comfortable inner layer filter of nonwoven polypropylene. AIS masks are already helping protect healthcare workers, first responders and others at elevated risk.

As part of a partnership with the United Way of North Central Massachusetts, AIS will donate 10 percent of each donation made to the United Way in that region.

For more information visit sewthemasks.com