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AIS Completes a Successful NeoCon 2022 Taking Home Two Awards for PET Wire Managers and Enclosures

Interest is high as new products, surface materials, and accessories take center stage on the AIS showroom floor 

Leominster, Massachusetts | Massachusetts-based AIS, a leading manufacturer of commercial office furniture and seating, recently wrapped up a successful NeoCon show in Chicago. During the three-day exhibition taking place from June 13 - 15, the company welcomed visitors to their permanent showroom at theMART where they experienced a refreshed space featuring a wide array of new products and a preview of the company’s new diverse colors, materials, and finishes program selections including vibrant new paints and on-trend textured vertical surfaces choices. Guests also experienced a glimpse of AIS’ future seating upholstery alliance program with Mayer, CF Stinson, and Momentum. Response to the new offerings was enthusiastic with anticipation of their launch.

“AIS remains focused on serving our dealers by providing relevant new tools, products, materials, and services. Experiencing the AIS showroom through their lens provides both insight and validation as we continue to bring new products rapidly to market. It’s good to be back and experience a high level of interest from the many showroom visitors. Reconnecting with our industry partners and creating new relationships at the show is always exciting,” AIS President and CEO Nick Haritos said. “Today, we provide solutions that support the widest variety of workspace needs and as the office environment continues to evolve, AIS will be right there adapting our products in response to end-user needs.” 

The 10,400 square-foot showroom features the growing AIS product portfolio with an array of applications including private offices, conferencing, open plan, training and seminar space, collaborative and concentrative work areas, and many seating solutions. Highlighted at NeoCon were innovative products that enhance workplace efficiency and aesthetics while offering solutions that respond to users’ needs in today’s work environment. With our talented team on hand to show them around and answer questions, our dealers enjoyed a rich and immersive experience.

“Each year, we look forward to hosting dealers, designers, and customers during NeoCon,” AIS Vice President of Marketing and Communications Tracy Reed said. “In addition to exploring our always expanding portfolio of products, our guests also look for inspiration and new ways to solve workplace challenges. This year, there was plenty to spark imaginations as they made their way through private offices, collaborative work and meeting areas, a variety of workstations with our seating and storage displays – and accessories mixed in. Many of the conversations focused on new AIS solutions and how more relevant choices for all areas of an organization today empower users and help facility managers.”

During the show, AIS learned that the new PET Wire Managers and Enclosures were the recipient of both a Silver Award and an Innovation Award at the Best of NeoCon award presentation. “We launched our PET wire management with incorporated screens based on dealer feedback. We knew we were on to something,” stated Reed. “The design is simple and helps solve problems that every workplace contends with –  the tangle of wires that connects us with our technology – along with adequate privacy and acoustics. These address three solutions in one simple product.

New Products and Vertical Surfaces

AIS’ 2022 NeoCon showroom featured new products including: Chatham Cove™ Work Lounge, PowerBench, PET Wire Managers and Enclosures, and the Desktop Organizer + Suspended Caddy, further expanding its broad breadth of product solutions. AIS is refreshing its colors, materials, and finishes giving dealers more contemporary choices for its extensive line of products. The new finish options include vibrant, rich hues, textures, patterns, and many calming neutrals. Options available later this summer include an updated grade A and B vertical surfaces program featuring 17 patterns and 135 colorways along with 6 new Grade C paints. A new seating alliance upholstery program, in partnership with CF Stinson, Momentum and Mayer, will also launch in the fall. Many of these materials were previewed at NeoCon with samples available to view at our surface materials center.

Award Winning PET Wire Managers and Enclosures 

Uniquely incorporating wire management into privacy screens and addressing acoustics, PET Wire Managers and Enclosures keep cords tidy beneath the worksurface in both the open plan and private offices. PET Wire Managers & Enclosures are attached below the worksurface providing clean aesthetics by keeping brackets below sightlines and hidden behind the curvature of the PET. Simple to use, the enclosure easily unhooks and folds down for cord placement and adjustment access when needed. AIS’s unique design incorporates three beneficial functions into one component - wire management, privacy, and sound absorption. The key feature of the PET Wire Manager and Enclosure is the incorporation of the accessory into the U or L-wrap privacy screen offering users a more distraction-free environment and productive workspace.

BIFMA Compliant. PET Wire Managers and Enclosures can be applied universally to almost any table.

See the PET Wire Managers and Enclosures HERE. See the announcement HERE.


PowerBench takes the proven spine power kit used in the AIS PowerBeam product and delivers power effortlessly to users without disrupting workflow. Its laminate, enclosed base conceals the height adjustable legs, creating an upscale and quiet design for this new benching line. Available in a one- or two-sided application, PowerBench optimizes space while fostering collaboration among employees. Whether teams are working side-by-side or individuals are focused on the tasks of the day, its efficient footprint provides all the essentials and its design integrity will remain day after day and year after year. Other features of PowerBench include enclosed laminate bases, discreetly concealing its 2-stage height adjustable legs and offering an upscale aesthetic. 

PowerBench launched at NeoCon. The product sheet can be found HERE with additional sales tools becoming available soon. 

Desktop Organizer and Suspended Caddy 

Two new organizer accessories are now available to help keep workspaces tidy with storage for small, personal items that keep them within reach. The Desktop Organizer sits on top of a worksurface and, for those users who change workstations, its portability allows it to move from location to location with ease, thanks to its soft-grip handles. The organizer includes a shelf with bookends and a pullout drawer with dividers to keep even smaller items tidy. The Suspended Caddy is designed to be attached under a worktop keeping frequently used items readily accessible. Plus, the Caddy can replace a pedestal, saving space in small areas. Available July 1.

See the organizers HERE.

Chatham Cove™ Work Lounge 

Adaptively, Chatham Cove Work Lounge supports users throughout their workday by accommodating both individual focused work and small team collaboration. Users appreciate a sense of place and privacy in a cove-like environment enclosed by the warmth of wood grain laminates. The durable, lightweight laminate surround is paired with an open O-Leg base design to create a sophisticated and scalable aesthetic that blends into any office environment and is uniquely available on other AIS products, creating harmony across the floorplate. Bringing a sense of enclosure to lounge seating, Chatham Cove includes options for visual privacy, sound absorption, power, and personal storage. As an alternative to workstations or small meeting rooms, it offers flexibility and economic benefits to organizations supporting new hybrid work strategies. 

BIFMA Compliant and Indoor Advantage/Indoor Advantage Gold.  

See Chatham Cove Work Lounge HERE. 

AIS never stops looking for ways to make workplaces more versatile, innovative, and supportive for individual and teamwork. The company’s talented teams continue to develop products, respond to shifts in the marketplace, and listen to our dealers to add even more smart options and relevant choices for today’s needs. 

“Our NeoCon 2022 showroom experience reinforced our commitment to our dealers and customers. Their reaction to PowerBench, PET Wire Managers and Enclosures, Chatham Cove, and our new vertical surface offerings has been extremely positive. With the level of interest and excitement shown by our dealers and other guests for these new offerings, we anticipate significant new projects ahead and we look forward to helping solve our customers’ needs,” concluded Haritos. 

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