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AIS Launches Chatham Cove™ Work Lounge – a Private, Yet Accessible Space to Support Today’s Hybrid Workers

Comfortable, Ergonomic Solution Offers Solo and Collaborative Workspaces, Supporting the Diverse Needs of Workers Today

Leominster, MA  |  AIS is excited to announce the official launch of its first work lounge, Chatham Cove™ which merges the comfort of home with the focus of the office. The new seating line offers users a respite for heads-down work or discrete conversations, all within the privacy of beautiful cove-like spaces. Adaptive and responsive, Chatham Cove Work Lounge supports users throughout their workday – accommodating both individual work and small team collaboration.

Brianne Devine, vice president of product line management commented, “There is now an even greater need for collaboration and with employees returning to in-person work, AIS responded to the market needs with Chatham Cove Work Lounge. Not only does it offer a wide variety of heights and footprints, it supports workers in important ways. Users appreciate a sense of place and privacy surrounded by the warmth of wood grain laminates. Comfort is capitalized with seat and back support. Plus, users can securely store personal items and charge their technology with ease.”

As an alternative to workstations or small meeting rooms, Chatham Cove Work Lounge offers flexibility and economic benefits to organizations supporting new hybrid work strategies.


With businesses embracing hybrid work schedules, forward-thinking managers are also acknowledging how their office real estate can easily change to support new needs.

As floorplans are becoming smaller and designers and facility managers are rethinking the way they configure furniture, Chatham Cove Work Lounge activates in-between spaces giving employees a space to relax, meet, or focus.

“We’ve designed Chatham Cove Work Lounge with multiple configurations to meet the needs of the evolving workspace – from welcoming lounge areas to small team collaboration to individual focused work, Cove can respond. A durable, yet lightweight, laminate surround is paired with an open O-Leg design to create a sophisticated and scalable aesthetic that blends into any office environment,” said Bill Stewich, executive vice president of design and innovation.

With single and double seat options, Chatham Cove Work Lounge provides multiple ways to design and configure space. With its 3-sided option, spaces flourish giving users personal privacy and comfort with an individual private touchdown space helping reduce distractions. Simply connect two of the two-sided Chatham Cove units together to create a settee application providing a small team space for impromptu collaboration.

With three available height options, 34, 50, and 58”, Chatham Cove Work Lounge can align to adjacent workstations, if needed while offering degrees of visual privacy for users. Optional PET or fabric inserts offer additional acoustical privacy and can introduce pops of color. 


Health and wellness were an important goal of the designers of Chatham Work Lounge with features such as seat and back cushions for optimum comfort during brief or extended use. An integrated storage cubby for personal items provides security while keeping the surrounding space tidy. Optional coat hook ensures more personal space for users to focus. And the integrated power options include three outlets and two USB ports, keeps technology charged. Durable, cleanable laminate surfaces offer convenience and protection for all.

Chatham Cove Work Lounge can also be paired with the AIS Laptop Table for extra space to accommodate devices, paperwork, and accessories.

Specification is easy with more than 20 Grade A Laminates and a variety of paint options. With shared colors, materials, and finishes, Chatham Cove Work Lounge easily integrates with other AIS product lines to create a holistic environment.


AIS is proud of its New England roots and celebrates this through its seating line. The vast majority of seating solutions are named after cities and towns in Massachusetts – and the Chatham Cove Work Lounge couldn’t be more appropriately named.

Like its namesake, the town of Chatham, a quaint sea-side community at the southeastern tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Chatham Cove Work Lounge offers a cozy retreat from the hustle and bustle of a busy office environment. And, like the town, the work lounge offers a welcoming and desirable community space that embraces both its traditional roots and the landscape, enabling users to work differently with this new seating choice.

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