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AIS Launches Day-to-Day® PowerBeam

Leominster, MA – Nov. 15, 2019 – AIS, a leading manufacturer of commercial office furniture and seating, has launched Day-to-Day® PowerBeam – an ultra-efficient, super-simplified, beam-based system delivering power and data through a slim, agile beam. Designed to maximize floorplate flexibility and density in open environments, the value-based, innovatively engineered system can be configured in many different ways to support user needs. AIS previewed the product in June at NeoCon.

PowerBeam is so named because of its robust power and cable-management trough at the heart of the beam. As an extension of AIS’s Day-to-Day Tables collection, PowerBeam works with both fixed and height-adjustable tables in the collection. The expansive Day-to-Day line delivers conferencing, meeting, training, nesting, occasional and height-adjustable tables for all kinds of work and learning environments.

“We developed PowerBeam to bring power effortlessly to Day-to-Day Tables – for agile desking environments and maximum floorplate flexibility,” AIS Executive Vice President of Product Development Bill Stewich said. “With minimal, streamlined materials, PowerBeam is an incredibly efficient and affordable way to deliver power to users in the open environment.”

Ultra-efficient, engineered for ease

The ultra-efficient PowerBeam can be planned with straight, 90- and 120-degree configurations, maximizing space and offering “off the grid” options for users. PowerBeam is just 2.5 inches wide and 8 inches tall – clean and simple so space can be optimized in a compressed footprint. Runs can be created up to 8 feet per every two leg supports.

The product was engineered for ease. The leg supports on PowerBeam include a telescoping cover, allowing easy access to leveling glides in all directions, and helping to ensure perfect installations on long runs. Low-profile feet on PowerBeam prevent tripping and ensure storage can be planned above the feet.

PowerBeam is available in three heights: 21 inches high and able to run below the lowest height-adjustable tables without interference; 25 inches high, which allows for storage below without impeding access to power and data; and 29 inches high with an option for traditional leg support or the incorporation of Calibrate Storage for support.

Power can be fed in through the floor and up the PowerBeam leg, down from the ceiling with a power pole, or through a wall feed. Power is practically portable with a spine that can be arranged in multiple configurations suited to individual, departmental and organizational needs. This cost-effective solution meets the power needs of individuals and teams by offering user plug-ins where and as often as needed, so workflow is uninterrupted.

“While PowerBeam was developed to bring power effortlessly to Day-to-Day Tables, the ease of perfect installations and reconfigurations come through via its innovative engineering. PowerBeam ‘flexes’ to create applications unique to the user and environment. The product supports both open collaboration and heads-down work,” Stewich said.

Design choices

Easily integrating with AIS’s extensive line of Day-to-Day Tables, PowerBeam offers many design choices to support user needs.

PowerBeam also works with AIS’s L Series Steel Storage and Calibrate® Series Laminate Storage products. Functionally, these elements slide right over PowerBeam’s low-profile feet, allowing small, efficient footprints and a high overall floorplate density. Lower Calibrate Series storage can also support PowerBeam, cleaning up the aesthetic by reducing the total legs required in planning.

PowerBeam can be dressed up or down depending on the finishes and storage solutions specified.    

For greater space division and enhanced visual privacy, PowerBeam has a built-in channel to fit fabric, glass and whiteboard screens easily. 

“However PowerBeam is used, the result is a modern, simple aesthetic that optimizes user and facility performance,” Stewich said.

All AIS standard paint finishes are offered on the feet, legs and beams. Made at AIS’s manufacturing facility in Massachusetts, PowerBeam is now orderable.





AIS, headquartered in Leominster, Massachusetts, is a leading manufacturer of commercial office furniture and boasts one of the most impressive stories of growth and success in the furniture industry. Founded in 1989, the company is known for offering market-relevant, feature-rich product lines that entice designers and support the diverse needs of end-users while offering exceptional value. AIS is an innovator that leads the industry in sustainable, lean manufacturing, lead-time performance and manufacturing flexibility. AIS has permanent showrooms at its Leominster headquarters and also in Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C. With locations across the U.S., AIS has more than 800 employees and over 1 million square feet of office, showroom and factory space. Projected sales for 2019 are $220 million. For more information, visit www.ais-inc.com.