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AIS Launches New Product Solutions to Enhance the Workplace

New personal task lighting features three sleek, energy efficient options and Calibrate® Dry Planters bring maintenance free biophilic accents.

LEOMINSTER, MA – Today, AIS announced the expansion of its lighting portfolio and by customer demand, introduces dry planters to its Calibrate laminate series. Both additions are designed to enhance employees’ workplace experience.

“Our product line management team strives to bring our dealer partners vast and beautiful choices to complement work environments,” stated Brianne Devine, vice president of project line management. “Our task lighting – that adds warmth and creates focused attention to the task at hand – and the Calibrate® Dry Planters – that serve a multitude of purposes from adding a touch of green to dividing space, will be welcome additions for designers and end users alike.”

Personal Task Lighting

In partnership with renowned lighting designer, Pablo Pardo, AIS adds two new personal task lights to complement its popular LIM light which has been part of the line for years. Created by the award-winning industrial design firm Pablo Designs®, the two new task lights, Pixo Plus™ and Talia™ bring additional functionality, efficiency and choice to the office. All are now orderable.

Pixo Plus  |  The flexible Pixo Plus task light features an expressive circular design that brings a touch of whimsy to the desktop. With its ability to swivel, tilt, and rotate, the Pixo Plus provides the right light just where it’s needed. Its elegant form, small footprint and neutral finishes elevate the worksurface aesthetic with its adaptable design.

The adjustable 360° arm and shade rotation allows users to focus warm, glare-free light on work projects or enhance their appearance during a virtual meeting. Offered in white, silver, or graphite, the compact base of this fully dimmable light integrates a USB port ensuring that mobile devices are easy to charge.

Talia  |  The sleek and minimalistic rectangular design of Talia with 360° post rotation and 180° shade rotation gives users maximum light control with fully dimmable and glare-free flat light. Talia accommodates mobile devices with its induction charging base and USB port. The elegant contrasting matte and gloss surfaces are available in white, grey, or black.

LIM  |  An elegant choice to illuminate a workspace, the LIM light offers a slim, white L-shaped design with high output LEDs helping users complete tasks at-hand. The clean form and magnetic arm make it easy to adjust and fun to use. The high-low, dimmable light control supports personal preferences in the work environment.

All three task lights offer an energy efficient, compact LED light. Combined with the fact that 97 percent of the light’s material is recyclable, make it a highly sustainable choice. Capable of 50,000 hours or 25 years of daily use, All three lights, the Pixo Plus, Talia, and LIM use 90% less energy than other comparable lights utilizing just 6, 6.8, and 7 watts of power respectively. Our task lighting ships flat-packed with minimal use of materials to further reduce environmental impact.

“We’re pleased to offer our dealer designers a variety of beautiful lighting solutions with a range of refined aesthetics and pricing to accommodate any budget,” stated Devine.


Calibrate® Dry Planters

Responding to dealer feedback and end-user demand, AIS has added Calibrate Dry Planters to its vast Calibrate laminate series line. Previously only available through special requests, dry planters are now available in three styles, many heights, widths, and depths. Styles include freestanding, stack-on, and single and double wrap for use with Calibrate Storage and Lockers

  • Freestanding Dry Planters are stand-alone units that enclose a 9” deep planter box and can be used many for borders and in place of screens for privacy.
  • Stack-on Dry Planters sit on top of worksurfaces, tables, and storage products to bring a biophilic design into the office workplace.
  • Storage Wrap Dry Planters wrap around three sides of Calibrate storage and lockers and can be double-wrapped when storage and lockers are back-to-back leaving two sides open for accessing storage.

Calibrate Dry Planters can be used to divide the floorplate, provide privacy, and add greenery to the open spaces, private offices, conference rooms, lobbies, cafes and lounge areas, and more. Offered in all of AIS’ grade A laminate options, the planters blend with existing AIS products seamlessly or offer a contrasting finish to bring attention to these colorful additions to the floorplate.

Calibrate Dry Planters are meant to be used with faux foliage and should not be used with soil or water. Adding green space with dry planters means that they will never outgrow their pots, the leaves will never droop and turn yellow, and there is no need to worry about watering or fertilizing.

According to Kevin Raffi, director of product information and specials, “The demand for laminate planters continues to grow and having this line as standard helps our dealers expedite orders with ease. We are pleased to bring our dry planters to market and provide even more choices for our dealer partners who specify them in a variety of ways.


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