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Sustainable Since Day One.

At AIS, we never had to “go green” because we’ve been sustainable since we opened our doors. To us, sustainability is not an initiative. It’s not about reaching a baseline standard. It’s part of our DNA. Always has been, always will.

Our team considers every design and manufacturing process to create the leanest, most earth-friendly products and processes possible. We make our greatest environmental impact during the concept stage when selecting materials and construction methods. As a result, our products all contain at least 40% recycled materials and are manufactured in a facility where more than 50% of the power used returns to the grid through rooftop solar panels.

Investments in emerging manufacturing technologies, alternative energy, and carbon offsetting have helped bring our carbon footprint to almost zero. Our partnership with ANEW helps ensure our used furniture has new life at nonprofits and public agencies. And, since our products are designed for easy disassembly and recycling, they minimize environmental impact at the end of their useful lives.

Others have taken notice of our commitment to sustainability, including Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM). AIM is the largest non-profit, nonpartisan association of employers in the state and a “voice for business.” The AIM Sustainability Award recognizes excellence in environmental stewardship, promotion of social well-being and contributions to economic prosperity. Five companies are chosen for the award each year and AIS is proud to be part of this distinguished group.

All AIS systems are SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold certified for air quality, we hold BIFMA e3 LEVEL® certification on our products, and we can help customers gain points toward LEED® certification for new and renovated environments.

AIS rooftop solar panels make up one of the largest solar fields in the state of Massachusetts.

Sustainability - a journey we are committed to.

Take-back Solution for Surplus Office Furniture

AIS has partnered with ANEW to provide a take-back solution for surplus office furniture and materials. This partnership provides AIS clients with a means to repurpose their furniture, fixtures and architectural materials, diverting the items from landfill. All captured materials are donated to public agencies and charities within a 50-mile radius, benefiting the local communities to which the furniture resided.

ANEW, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, provides companies with sustainable alternatives for their surplus furniture and other items with the priority of matching it to non-profits, public agencies, and underserved communities while avoiding landfill. This simple practice furthers corporate citizenship, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. With a nationwide reach of service providers and project managers, ANEW is a single point resource, coordinating the removal of all surplus in any condition from the interior built environment, conducting community outreach to charities and others, then reporting the results and metrics of every project. In its 9 years of existence, ANEW has diverted 13.5 million pounds from landfill, serving over 800 organizations in 20 countries. ANEW educates through action, transforming corporate surplus into community service.

Learn more about ANEW by visiting their website.