Case Studies

Benesch Engineering

Project Details

  • Number of Stations:
  • 54 open, 17 private
  • Location:
  • Nebraska

Benesch Engineering choose Matrix 50” panels with 16” glass screens for a sense of enclosure while creating an environment that offered accessibility to others. The 10' x 7' offices required L-shaped height-adjustable worksurfaces to accommodate large engineering drawings. AIS and the local dealer worked closely together to design a solution, which included hanging pedestal storage. Finally, the large office was filled with L Series Steel Storage that supported personal belongings plus engineering documents, binders, and drawings. Beyond the open spaces, Calibrate Laminate Series filled the building, from private offices with height adjustable desks to formal conference spaces. All seating was provided by AIS, including Stow seating in every office, which can be easily nested together when not in use.

Benesch ultimately chose AIS because of the ability to provide solutions for their unique needs, standard lead times that got the furniture to the site quickly, and the
overall cohesive look of the space.