Case Studies

Financial Services Company

Project Details

  • Number of Stations:
  • 1600
  • Location:
  • Birmingham, AL

This financial services company is headquartered in Birmingham Alabama.  The company employees close to 3,000 people with approximately 1,700 working at their corporate headquarters.
The company wanted to renovate their corporate headquarters and hired a design firm to not only design the renovation, but to implement progressive and cultural changes in its layout, design and selection of furnishings. The largest component being a highly custom workstation. 

After months of due diligence and evaluation, the project team of designer and enduser considered AIS along with two other furniture manufacturers, considered major players within the industry.  The decision to use AIS furniture came down to the mock-up workstation.  When comparing AIS against the competition, the voting employees continually commented on the quality of AIS. It was this quality that made AIS the "hands-down overwhelming choice," resulting in a partnership with AIS for all six phases of the project.

The Matrix panel solution was chosen for its durability, aesthetics and ability to customize to the company's needs. The stations included upmount screens for additional privacy, Calibrate wood laminate storage, Day-to-Day height adjustable tables, dual monitor arms, and tool rails for organization.  Employees commented on the sturdy feel of the Matrix system and the overall feel of an expensive workstation due to the wood laminate elements and custom wood pieces on each aisle way. The workstations were finished off with Devens task seating for added ergonomic benefit.