Case Studies

Livery Studio

Livery Studio is an independently operated co-working space located in the heart of Old Pasadena. Built in 1906, the building is a part of the historic district. It is now reimagined into a flexible, creative co-working office space with open collaboration areas, conference rooms, and private working spaces.

When designing their co-working space, Livery Studio focused on individual work areas, conference rooms, casual meeting areas, and private offices. A healthy work environment was important, so Livery Studio required workstations that came standard with height adjustability and were paired with ergonomic task chairs. Meeting areas needed an informal, welcoming aesthetic. Soft seating was required for casual meeting areas with a smaller table. Livery Studio also included a few private offices and wanted those spaces to aesthetically align with the unique space surrounding them.

For the open plan individual work areas, Day-to-Day Height Adjustable Tables were paired with Natick Seating, with half of the tables being paired with PET screens for added privacy. Collaborative/team areas were equipped with Oxygen benching to ensure ease
of communication when needed. Meeting areas were split between standing height Day-to-Day Collaborative tables with Upton Stools and LB Lounge seating with Day-to-Day small meeting tables. Calibrate Community with sliding worktops filled the private office and conference room needs with its ability to change on the fly when needed.