Case Studies

Online Labels

Project Details

  • Number of Stations:
  • 189
  • Location:
  • Sanford, FL

Online Labels is a one-stop source for laser, inkjet thermal and custom printed labels. 

Looking to outfit their new corporate headquarters, they turned to AIS for their office furniture needs. Online Labels and their sister company, Consolidated Label, needed a new headquarters to account for the accelerated growth and expansion of each company. Excited about their new space, they turned to AIS to outfit their entire front offices as well as their shared communal areas. 

Due to the customizable, interchangeable panels, the customer selected Divi for their workstations. They used both 80" high and 67" high to accommodate the different needs of different departments. Sliding doors were used on all the 80" high for extra privacy. The used of both segmented and monolithic panels helped give departments different looks. 
Many major manufacturers were considered but AIS came out in the lead for the following reasons: quick lead-time, price point and flexibility. 


"We worked closely with our architectural design team, Heery and OLI, to accomplish a fully functional floor plan. After reviewing all the options for system furniture, we chose to go with AIS to completely outfit our space instead of using a remanufactured system. AIS not only stayed well within our budget, they blew away the competition when we compared their systems to the world of remanufactured furniture. The overall package put together by AIS has met all of our demands from functionality to design, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our office and shared spaces! I would highly recommend AIS to any company in need of a furniture system, no matter how large or small the project.” -Kenny Burns, Online Labels