Case Studies

NHK Seating of America

Project Details

  • Number of Stations:
  • 70
  • Location:
  • Frankfort, IN

NHK was looking to redesign a new office facility to maximize square footage. Their office design goals were to increase efficiency, provide team communication space, allow room for future growth and reflect NHK's brand and values. NHK envisioned a space that was both open, yet divided and provided the best office layouts suited for their employees. The project included private offices, open plan workstations, conference and training rooms.

The diverse line offering from AIS allowed NHK to use one manufacturer for the entire project. NHK was impressed with the AIS design and project management services which ensured errors were avoided and the best solutions were offered. Price was a driving factor and AIS was able to supply the quality and customizable solutions that met budgetary needs.

For the open plan, Divi panels with glass were used to create an open plan solution that provided space division and did not block visual access and views. This met the request to have a space that was both open, yet divided. The Calibrate Laminate Series was used to provide a cohesive aesthetic between private offices and conference rooms.