Client Spaces/Case Studies


Products: Divi, Devens, Calibrate Series Casegoods, Storage and Tables, Grafton, L Series Storage, Day-to-Day Tables, Pierce

Number of Stations: 215 Open, 55 Private

Location: Texas

Industry: Technology

Nationwide Childrens Hospital

Products: Divi, Calibrate Conference, Day-to-Day Tables, HAT, Natick, Pierce
Number of Stations: 400 open, 55 private
Location: Columbus, OH

Industry: Healthcare

State Government Agency

Products: Divi, Upton, L Series Storage, Day-to-Day Tables, Calibrate Conference Tables, Stow Seating

Number of Stations: 211 Open, 19 Private

Location: Texas

Industry: Government

Financial Services Company

Products: Matrix, Calibrate Series Storage, L Series Storage, Day-to-Day HAT, Devens

Number of Stations: 1600

Location: Birmingham, AL

Industry: Financial

Spring Venture Group

Products: Matrix, Calibrate, Day-to-Day, Natick, Stow

Number of Stations: 941, 80 Private Offices

Location: Kansas City, MO

Industry: Technology

Summit Credit Union

Products: Divi, Calibrate, L-Series Storage, Day-to-Day, Devens

Number of Stations: 300

Location: Cottage Grove, WI

Industry: Banking

Plainville, MA Township Hall

Products: Matrix, Day-to-Day, Calibrate Series, Natick, Stow

Number of Stations:  90

Location:  Plainville, MA

Industry: Government

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Products: Matrix, Calibrate Series Products, Day-to-Day Tables, L-Series Storage, Devens, Bolton,

Number of Stations: 43

Location: Chelsea, MA

Industry: State Agency

Shelterhouse of Midland Michigan

Products: Calibrate Casegoods, Devens, Pierce, L Series

Location: Midland, MI

Industry: Non-profit

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Products: Divi, Matrix, Aloft, Calibrate Series, AIS Task Seating, Day-to-Day Tables

Number of Workstations: 30

Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Non-profit

Reliant Medical

Products: Matrix, Calibrate, Day to Day Tables

Number of Workstations: 400

Location: Massachusetts: Multiple locations

Industry: Medical

Vortex Optics

Products: Matrix, Calibrate
Number of Stations: 300 Open Plan, 125 Private
Location: Barneveld, WI

Industry: Retail

Research Results

Products: Oxygen, Calibrate, Natick
Number of Stations: 60 
Location: Fitchburg, MA

Industry: Consumer Research

University IT Department

Products: Calibrate Conferencing, Divi, Devens, Bolton, Height Adjustable Tables, Pierce Stools

Number of Stations: 307

Location: Baltimore, MD

Industry: Education

True Fit

Products: Aloft, Calibrate Series 

Number of Stations: 125

Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Software


Products: Matrix, Calibrate Series Storage, Day-to-Day Height Adjustable Tables

Number of Stations: 150 open plan, 80 private office

Location: Middleton, WI

Industry: Retail

Engaged Companies

Products: Calibrate, Divi, Oxygen
Number of Stations: 105
Location: Parkville, MO

Industry: Information Services

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated

Products: Matrix, Calibrate
Number of Stations: 100
Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Pharmaceusticals

Online Labels

Products: Divi
Number of Stations: 189
Location: Sanford, FL

Industry: Retail


Products: Matrix, Calibrate
Number of Stations: 300
Location: Waltham, MA

Industry: Technology

Large Healthcare Company

Products: Matrix, Calibrate
Number of Stations: 4000
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Industry: Healthcare

Denim Group

Products: Oxygen
Number of Stations: 95
Location: San Antonio, TX

Industry: Software

Sheppard Air Force Base

Products: Matrix, Calibrate
Number of Stations: 142
Location: Wichita, TX

Industry: Government