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AIS Rolls Out a Major Refresh of Vertical Surface Materials, New Paint Finishes, and its Inaugural Seating Alliance Upholstery Program

Modern and Upscale Fabric, Upholstery and Paint Choices Provide Dealers, Designers, and Customers with More Choices, Sophisticated Textures, and Interesting Patterns

LEOMINSTER, MA – Today AIS announces three major initiatives that substantially update their finishes program including vertical surfaces, paint color options, and upholstery for a growing and increasingly sophisticated customer base. The rollout supports the evolution of the AIS dealer community who are specifying more diverse, refined, and holistic workspaces.

Known for their responsiveness to the dealer community and ability to pivot quickly, this AIS initiative will meet consumer demand for updated and market-relevant materials with vibrant colors, unique textures, and distinctive patterns. Launching October 3, AIS’ refreshed vertical surfaces program and new paint colors will result in more than 130 Grade A and B vertical surface fabrics and eight curated Grade C paints. The company will also introduce its new Seating Alliance Upholstery Program that adds 26 upholstery patterns and 263 new colorways from three industry-leading manufacturers: Mayer, Momentum, and Stinson. The new upholstery choices will be available on task and lounge seating – as well as cushions for pedestals.

Refreshed Vertical Surfaces Program

The updated collection of vertical surface fabrics focuses on rich neutrals, vibrant hues, interesting patterns, and refined textures. The broad number of options provides designers with a variety of choices to create inspiring palettes. Whether creating an energetic environment with pops of color and bold design, or sophisticated environments with neutrals reflecting the warmth and softness of nature, the modern colors and textures provide inspiration and beautiful solutions for projects.

Designed to coordinate with its existing upholstery, mesh, laminate, fabric, and trim options, the refreshed palette offers 25 new Grade A vertical surface choices in 10 patterns and 63 colorways for screens, panels, tiles, tackboards, and overheads. The company’s Grade B palette also received a robust update with 52 new choices within seven patterns and 72 colorways.

Curated by the internal AIS team, the new colors, materials, and finishes collection represents collaborations with innovative textile partners resulting in a wide range of versatile options. The full range of choices will help dealers better meet the needs of their customers and sell AIS with ease.

“Our goal with the fabric and paint update is to provide the market with relevant, easy-to-use colors and textures that harmonize with our expanded AIS product portfolio,” stated Megan Knust, AIS’ senior application specialist. “AIS has again updated its materials to inspire designers and respond to changing trends. We’ve partnered with key industry leaders to ease specifying and support the design community as they incorporate AIS solutions throughout the work environment.”

New Paint Finish Options Provide Sophisticated Choices

Complementing the new vertical surface choices are six new Grade C paint finishes that reflect current trends in the workplace and that pair well with the broader offering of laminates that were introduced in the fall of 2021.

The addition of the paint colors and the expanded vertical surface choices are in tandem with new products such as the recently launched Chatham Cove Work Lounge and PowerBench along with other products newly added to the company’s expanding portfolio. Two existing paint colors, Antique Gold and Graphite Sky will remain in the lineup and are now joined by new paint colors Baltic Blue, Burnt Orange, Brown, Ruby Red, Kelly Green, and Steel Blue.

New vertical surface materials and paint colors can be viewed HERE.

Seating Alliance Upholstery Program

To further expand the colors, materials, and finishes program, AIS is launching a new Seating Alliance Upholstery Program available for seating and cushions.

In partnership with renown industry leaders, Mayer, Momentum, and Stinson, AIS is offering 26 new fashionable upholstery patterns and 263 new inspiring colorways that will be available October, 3. The high quality and modern upholstery options range from AIS Grades B to E and are pre-approved, graded in options for dealers and designers looking for an elevated and sophisticated aesthetic with ease of application.

The upholsteries, chosen for their many attributes, are versatile, durable, cleanable, and sustainable. Foundational neutrals and fashionable colors, along with curated fabric families and palettes, make creating beautiful and unique combinations now even easier.

In addition to accessible support from the AIS sales and customer care teams, the company’s alliance partners are known for their exemplary customer service and powerful online tools that make specifying and accessibility even easier for designers.

Tools that Support AIS’ New Materials and Paint Finishes

A variety of sales tools have been created to support dealers and designers as they specify the materials for their projects. All new surfaces are available in the following online design tools: 2020, CET, CAP, and Giza.

AIS has created an array of easy-to-use, online resources to assist designers, who are being taxed with more responsibility, to make specifying and pairing fabrics quicker and with exceptional results. Many of these design tools are online at AIS-Inc.com and at our seating alliance textile partners’ websites.

“Our new material choices can be applied to the full range of AIS workstations including screens, panels, tiles, tackboards, and overheads. The new paint options may be applied to table bases, storage, trim, and a selection of seating products,” stated Tracy Reed, AIS’ vice president of marketing and communications. “Our teams have worked hard to create a variety of tools that dealers and designers will find immediately helpful as they specify AIS for their projects.”

Visit this AIS webpage for these, and other links, to dealer tools and exciting visuals: inspirational palettes and beautiful imagery.